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What it is:

Massage therapy is designed to strengthen the body and repair injuries through manipulation of muscles. Massage can be used to improve general health, relieve stress, addresses specific causes of pain, and deal with various medical issues.

What you can expect:

Massage therapists provide calm, relaxing environments in their own offices, patients' homes, massage clinics, and doctor's offices. After a short consultation, the therapist will respect your level of dress and make adjustments accordingly. You will likely lie on a table or sit in a low chair in order to give a therapist better access to the area being treated, however this can vary depending on the treatment being provided.

--See National Health Institute

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Cura Natural Medicine
900 SW 13th Ave, Suite M
Portland, OR 97205
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Revive Injury and Wellness
1750 Blankenship Road, Suite 295
West Linn, OR 97068
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