About Sprig Health

health care that plays fair.

Sprig Health lets you shop online for a health care provider with no waiting, no forms, and no red tape. (You don’t even need to have insurance!)

Just shop, pay and save up to 50% on every visit.

Father and Sons

Our Promise

Every day, we fight the good fight to bring you better care, broader services, and incredible savings.

Our Vision

Transform the U.S. health care system by introducing a simple way for people to access services at a fair price.

Our Mission

Become the trusted alternative to health insurance for providers, employers, and people seeking care.
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The un-Insurance

Whether uninsured, underinsured, or fully insured, Sprig Health saves you money on health care that you have to cover out of pocket. Whether that’s a regular doctor visit, a CT scan, or a massage, Sprig Health has something for everyone.



30-50% of health care costs are wasted on the administrative costs of insurance billing and debt collection. Paying cash saves providers money and they pass that on to you.


Trusted Providers

Sprig doesn’t employ doctors—instead, we partner with trusted practices already in your community. That means you can build a personal network of providers that’s perfect for your needs.


Where you shop for healthcare

Don’t spend hours searching and calling around to find a doctor who takes cash, is close to you, has the specialty that you need, has an opening, and has fair pricing. Compare on Sprig and find a doctor in minutes.


Transparent Pricing

Prices are listed with each service for every doctor. You provide your payment information when you order a service on SprigHealth.com, so when you go to the doctor you can relax knowing that there will be no surprise bills in your mailbox.

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